What We Do

We’re Building Schools for Kids in Need

We are a grass roots organization building schools and Aquaponic systems for Haitian orphans. We are a boots on the ground organization! We make trips to Haiti as often as funding and time allows to keep our mission on track and increase the scope of our projects.

Building Schools and Teaching Solar Powered Aquaponic Food Production

We build solar powered Aquaponic food production systems for orphanages in poverty ravaged Haiti. We also teach the kids in the orphanage how to build, operate and maintain the Aquaponic systems. By using solar power, the Aquaponic systems become fully self sustaining food production systems perfect for the Haitian environment, climate and economy. We are literally teaching the Haitian orphans to grow their own fish and vegetables.

Once the systems are completed and up and running they can easily produce enough fish and vegetables (and other crops) to feed the kids at the orphanage a fresh healthy diet. In some instances they can actually produce more than the kids can consume allowing the orphanange to barter for other items it may need.

Our team has long terms plans to spread this technology to other areas of the Caribbean that face food production problems and poverty. By developing the technology here, Haiti can become a leader in self sustaining solar powered Aquaponic food production systems.